The Association of Laser Safety Professionals (ALSP) is a professional society of laser safety experts actively engaged in providing advice, support and training in laser safety, and covers all applications of laser technology.

The primary aims of the Association are:

- to provide a forum in the UK for laser safety expertise,
- to establish, promote and maintain high standards in the provision of laser safety services,
- to award the qualification of certificated Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) to those who are sufficiently competent and knowledgeable in matters of laser safety,
- to organize meetings, events and other appropriate activities relating to laser safety.

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November 2018 – European Aesthetics Standards:

At the Leaders in Healthcare 2018 Conference, held in Birmingham from 14-16 November, a Poster was displayed on the subject of “Learning to Reach Consensus”, in the context of the development, agreement, and subsequent publication on two major European Aesthetics Standards. The Standards cover both surgical and non-surgical treatments. A vast range of treatment modalities is covered, including laser and IPL treatments, and many more. To read the Poster click here.




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