Laser Safety Applications  

Lasers can be found in a wide range of applications. In industrial applications, lasers are used for measuring, materials processing, data retrieval and image illumination. In research, the applications provide some of the most important tools to researchers within physics, chemistry and biology. In medicine, the laser produces precision tools for use in surgery as well as many other therapy based processes. The use of lasers in conjunction with fibre optics provides the telecommunications and IT industries with wide bandwidth communication methods. Within environmental services, laser technology is being used to great effect for environmental diagnostics. In media and entertainment, laser light shows and other laser effects continue to amaze audiences.

The need for safety      

As laser devices produce intense beams of light over a wide wavelength range from the far Ultra-violet to the Far Infrared (180nm to 1mm), laser light encompasses the visible and invisible spectrum. This feature coupled with the potential for extremely high energies in small diameter beams means that there is a high potential of injury. Thus the safe application and use of lasers is paramount.

The Association's Members actively promote laser safety in all fields of application. Many of the Members support National and International Standards-making organisations and contribute to policies established by Regulators and Enforcement Agencies. These policies set the requirements on Employers and others to ensure the safety of the workforce and the public.

The Association's Members establish and give guidance on all aspects of Laser Safety Programmes. These programmes include the identification of hazards, the assessment of risk, the introduction of suitable controls be they engineering or administrative, and the practical implementation of those programmes into working environments and the subsequent audit, monitoring and review to ensure effective and continual implementation.

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